Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Free to Be... You and Me!

I was as honored as I was thrilled to get the call from Carole Hart and Marlo Thomas to help “wave the wand” over their classic book, Free to Be... You and Me. I went to New York and met with them both and looked at the original book and listened as Marlo and Carole shared their ideas and hopes for the new edition of their book. At first, they asked me to just create a cover, but it soon bloomed into many pages, including sprinklings of my characters I call "The Dreamy Dozen" as well as my handwritten titles.

The book resonates with my own personal mission and that of my children's media company, FableVision. I was inspired to help illuminate the themes of self-determination, empathy, and equality – issues that are as important today as the day the book was released 35 years ago. Children need to clearly hear the call to believe in themselves and rise to meet the vision of the best possible versions of themselves.

I donated all my art to the project. All proceeds from the sale of the book will go to the Free to Be Foundation, a subsidiary of the Ms. Foundation for Women, which benefits children and families.

This collaboration is a highlight in my career as a message-illuminator!

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